Young Digital Innovator Program

Job description

Innovation does not exist without the right people. People who act, instead of talk. People who are entrepreneurial, who get things done. People who execute. Because innovation is all about validating new ideas as fast as possible.

Our Young Digital Innovator Program helps develop skilled young professionals who empower digital growth & innovation within big corporates. 

The Talent Institute empowers the next generation of young professionals and companies to grow and innovate. We achieve this by sourcing the best talent, immersing them in the latest digital skills and connecting them with some of the finest start-ups, scale-ups and corporates.

We have built different programs to train entrepreneurial people with the right digital skill-, tool- and mindset to accelerate innovation. During the last 3,5 years we have run 23 growth hacking traineeships, 25 bootcamps and we are busy with new propositions to accelerate growth. 

Our programs are designed to build the next generation of young professionals. We want to empower digital growth & innovation within talents and within companies.

What is the Young Digital Innovators Program?

  • Challenging corporate innovation projects 
    • As a Young Digital Innovator you will always be working on a 3-9 month project within a corporate innovation team. 
  • 2 year development program 
    • You will work at a client for 4 days & come back to TTI HQ on Fridays to receive development sessions in order to improve the skills you can offer your client. 
  • Innovation expert 

    • Innovation is driven by people, but accelerated by technology. Our program is developed to increase your innovation skills like experiment design, lean startup and customer development. 
  • Multiple environments 
    • Projects range from 3-9 months. These different teams, different innovation contexts and different phases of the innovation process will give you full insights to become an innovation expert. 
  • Create real impact 
    • Projects are focused on setting up experiments, putting innovation structures into place or facilitating the innovation mindset. You will always be part of the team to accelerate growth. 
  • Join our entrepreneurial ecosystem 
    • You will be immersed into a network of innovation professionals, entrepreneurs & mentors. You will work 4 days a week at your corporate company and On Fridays you return to TTI HQ for regular development and coaching sessions. 

 Learn by doing, that’s what we believe in.

As a Young Digital  Innovator you will participate in a corporate innovation team and help them accelerate their innovation. You will work on projects of 3 to 6 months, at different companies. Depending on the challenge and the team, you will:

  • Work on different innovation projects

  • Facilitate the innovation process with your knowledge of lean startup and digital skills

  • Conduct interviews with (potential) customers as part of customer discovery

  • Conduct online and/or offline experiments to validate hypotheses

  • Initiate creative ideas to validate business propositions

  • Accelerate and grow these validated business propositions

  • Run innovation projects as project manager

Your learning track includes: 


  • You have completed HBO or WO studies. 
  •  You have 1 - 4 years of work experience in the field of project management, digital, consultancy or marketing. 
  • You eat, sleep & breath innovation.
  • You are data-driven, entrepreneurial and you have a Growth Mindset.
  • You speak fluent Dutch and live in the Randstad-area.